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Are you ‘Fit to Thrive’ in the Year Ahead?

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago

While many of us might look to the new year as an opportunity to discover our optimum fitness on a personal level, do we really think about what it takes to get a business and its people ‘work fit’ for what’s to come?

There’s no escaping the fact that 2023 poses all kinds of challenges for the commercial world, not least in the face of rising costs, potentially waning demand, and ongoing economic uncertainty.

​So, at Thrive Group, we talk about the importance of using this time of year to get clients and candidates ‘work fit’. ​

Tempt Your Talent

It’s simply not true that there aren’t candidates out there. In fact, we’re still seeing a great number of people who have been motivated to change their role in the face of their Covid experiences.

Look at what you’re doing to attract the right candidate. Do you have a culture which is inclusive, inspiring and engaging?

Is yours a business which acknowledges the need for, and support to achieve, good wellbeing?

What’s the candidate experience like, from the moment they’re first introduced to you?

Get these things right and you’re more likely to attract the right audience.

Prioritise Planning for Peak Performance

What effort do you put into workplace planning?

Successful hiring requires the preparation and early insight, to ensure that the right candidate comes to your door.

At Thrive Group, we go above and beyond merely recruiting candidates, by providing expert insight on a range of workforce aspects.

This includes us creating our unique tailored Workscape Reports, which help review your workplace challenges and opportunities.

Know Your Audience

Candidate attraction and successful recruitment isn’t about luck. It’s about informed insight and truly examining who makes up your local labour market.

What are these people looking for?

Where will they be prepared to travel from?

What matters to them? Do your company values most likely align with theirs?

What will they ‘expect’ from an employer?

Being ‘work fit’ includes committing time to this kind of analysis and ensuring you truly understand what makes you an attractive option to the available talent pool in 2023.

Thrive Group is perfectly placed to help you become Work Fit for the year ahead. You can find more about our workforce management and consulting services by visiting: