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Refer A Friend.

Worker referral scheme.

As a Thrive employee, you can refer a friend as a worker to Thrive Group and once they have completed 12 full* weeks of work, you will receive a voucher for the below amount:

  • £100 - Industrial and Commercial Candidates

  • £150 - Forklift Drivers.

  • £250 - HGV Drivers.

*T&Cs Apply - see further details below.

There is no limit to how many referrals can be made by one individual, so get going and start recommending your friends today.

Refer a friend.

​Simply fill in the following form to recommend your friend or family member to us:

Terms and Conditions.

To become eligible for the Thrive Employee Referral Scheme, the person referred (the Referee) must become a Thrive “A” Grade Worker, this means that they need to work 12 weeks of minimum 37.5 hours per week, so 450 hours for 12 consecutive weeks. The clock can only pause during the 12 weeks for the below:

  • Pre booked holiday.

  • Company closure due to shut down.

  • Change in client requirement.

The Referee must also still be working for us at time of completion period unless:

  • They are taken permanent by the client.

  • Company closure due to shut down.

Vouchers are only to be paid upon completion of the above criteria. The vouchers will be for the following amount dependant on the job that the Referee is doing:

  • £100 - Industrial and Commercial Candidates.

  • £150 - Forklift Drivers.

  • £250 - HGV Drivers.

There is no limit to how many referrals made by 1 individual, but they must be a Thrive Group employee.

​ Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace image
​ Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

With June being Pride Month, this is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Not only is fostering an inclusive environment the right thing to do, but it also brings substantial benefits to businesses, enhancing creativity, productivity, and employee satisfaction.​ The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion Diversity and inclusion are critical components of a thriving workplace, encompassing differences in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and abilities. Inclusion involves creating a culture where these differences are valued and integrated. In the UK, employment rates vary significantly across different groups, with "White: Other White" individuals having a 74.4% employment rate compared to 30.0% for "Black, Black Welsh, Black British, Caribbean, African: Caribbean" individuals. The Office for National Statistics reported that this ethnic group [had] the smallest percentage of adults aged 30 to 49 in employment. Notably, LGBTQ+ employees also face unique challenges, with 18% reporting negative comments or conduct from colleagues.​ Benefits of an Inclusive Workplace 1. Enhanced Creativity and Innovation: Diverse teams bring varied perspectives, driving creativity and effective problem-solving. 2. Improved Employee Performance: Inclusive environments boost engagement and productivity. Employees who feel valued and included are more likely to be engaged and motivated, leading to higher productivity and better overall performance. This is true across all demographics. 3. Attracting Top Talent: A reputation for being an inclusive employer can help attract a broader range of candidates. Talented individuals from diverse backgrounds often seek out employers who are committed to diversity and inclusion. 4. Better Decision Making: Diverse teams are better at making decisions as they consider a wider range of options and perspectives, leading to more balanced and effective outcomes. 5. Stronger Company Reputation: Commitment to diversity enhances reputation, customer loyalty, and business opportunities.​ Practical Steps for Recruitment Agencies 1. Educate Yourself and Your Team: Provide training on unconscious bias and inclusive practices. Address issues like the 24% of black and Asian employees experiencing discrimination and 18% of LGBTQ+ employees facing negative conduct. 2. Review and Revise Job Descriptions: Ensure that job descriptions are free from biased language that might discourage diverse candidates from applying. Focus on skills and qualifications rather than cultural fit. 3. Expand Your Talent Pool: Go beyond traditional recruitment channels to reach a more diverse range of candidates. Partner with organisations and networks that support underrepresented groups, including LGBTQ+ advocacy groups. 4. Promote Inclusive Hiring Practices: Implement blind recruitment techniques where possible, removing names and other identifying information from applications to reduce bias. Ensure interview panels are diverse and trained in inclusive interviewing techniques. 5. Celebrate and Recognise Diversity: Use Pride Month as an opportunity to celebrate the diversity within your own team and the teams you help build. Share success stories and highlight the benefits of inclusive workplaces in your communications and marketing materials.​ Moving Forward Together Embracing diversity and inclusion is a business advantage. During Pride Month, recruitment agencies have the opportunity to lead by example and advocate for inclusive hiring practices. This commitment is reinforced by statistics showing disparities in workplace satisfaction and success among different groups. For instance, only 61% of black and Asian employees believe people with similar backgrounds can succeed at their company, which was 8% lower than their white peers. Nearly 40% of LGBTQ+ employees feel the need to hide their identity at work due to fear of discrimination. Let’s make this Pride Month a catalyst for lasting change in the workplace. Embrace diversity, promote inclusion, and watch your business and your clients thrive.

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The Benefits of Temporary Work: Debunking Myths and Highlighting Advantages image
The Benefits of Temporary Work: Debunking Myths and Highlighting Advantages

​ Temporary work often gets a bad rap, but the reality is quite different. In this blog, we will explore the true benefits of temporary work and dispel some common myths, with a focus on how it can be a smart career move for candidates!​What is Temporary Work?Temporary work involves employment for a specific period, ranging from a few days to several months. These roles are often facilitated by staffing agencies and can cover various industries and positions.​Advantages of Temporary Work ​Flexibility and VarietyOne of the biggest advantages of temporary work is the flexibility it offers. Temporary roles allow you to choose assignments that fit your schedule, providing a balance between work and personal life. For instance, you can take on a three-month project and then take a month off if you need it without the long-term commitment required in permanent positions. ​Additionally, temp jobs often provide exposure to different industries and roles, which can help you diversify your skills and experience. This is particularly beneficial for those who are early in their careers or looking to make a career change. As of March 2023, there were approximately 1.44 million temporary workers in the UK, highlighting the significant role that temporary employment plays in the labour market. ​Pathway to Permanent EmploymentMany companies use temporary positions as a way to evaluate potential employees before offering permanent roles. This approach, often referred to as "temp-to-perm," allows employers to assess a candidate's fit within the company culture and their performance on the job. For candidates, it provides an opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and secure a permanent role. Notably, temporary work can be a stepping stone to permanent employment in various sectors, including IT, healthcare, and finance. In fact, a survey found that 70% of employers hire temporary workers to fill permanent positions. ​Skill Development and NetworkingTemporary roles often require you to adapt quickly and learn new skills. This can be a valuable addition to your CV, showing potential employers your ability to handle diverse tasks and environments. For example, you might work in a marketing role one month and a project management position the next, each offering different experiences and skills. ​Furthermore, temporary work allows you to expand your professional network. Each new assignment introduces you to new colleagues and industry contacts, which can be beneficial for future job searches. Building a strong network is crucial in today’s job market, and temporary work provides ample opportunities to connect with professionals across various sectors.​Financial StabilityContrary to popular belief, temporary work can offer financial stability. Temporary roles often come with competitive pay rates, and in some cases, they might even offer higher hourly wages compared to permanent positions to compensate for the lack of long-term job security. Additionally, reputable staffing agencies, like Thrive, ensure that temporary workers receive their pay promptly and have access to necessary employment benefits.​Dispelling Common Myths​Myth 1: Temporary Jobs Are Low-SkillWhile some temporary jobs may be entry-level, many require specific skills and expertise. Temporary roles are available in a wide range of fields, including (but not limited to) IT, healthcare, finance, and engineering, offering opportunities for professionals at all levels. For example, a temporary IT consultant role might require advanced technical skills and several years of experience.​Myth 2: Temporary Work Is UnstableWhile temporary work is, by definition, not permanent, it doesn't mean it's unstable. Many industries rely on temporary workers to meet seasonal demands or project-based work. Temporary workers can often find continuous employment through agencies that place them in successive roles. In fact, Career Moves Group reports a stable and increasing demand for temporary workers across various sectors in the UK. ​Myth 3: Temporary Workers Are Treated PoorlyAgain, reputable staffing agencies and employers value their temporary workers and provide fair wages, benefits, and safe working conditions. It’s important to choose a trusted agency to ensure you are treated well. We know that we are certainly committed to worker welfare, ensuring that all placements meet stringent standards for pay and working conditions! ​Discover the Opportunities with Temporary Work ​Temporary work offers numerous benefits, including flexibility, skill development, financial stability, and potential pathways to permanent employment. Whether you're looking to gain experience, explore different industries, or find a pathway to a permanent position, temporary work can be a strategic and rewarding career choice! If you’re considering temp work, Thrive Group is here to help you find the right opportunities. Our team is dedicated to matching candidates with roles that suit their skills and career aspirations. Explore the possibilities that temporary work can offer and take the first step towards a fulfilling and dynamic career - get in touch today!​

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Spring Into Action: Renewing Your Career Goals This Easter image
Spring Into Action: Renewing Your Career Goals This Easter

As we slowly bid farewell to the winter chill and welcome the vibrant hues of spring, now is the perfect time for rejuvenation—not just in nature but in our professional lives, too! Just as spring symbolises new beginnings, it offers an ideal moment for us to spring into action, revisiting and revitalising our career goals. In the spirit of this season, why not reflect on how your year has been shaping up thus far?The first quarter of 2024 has whisked by, and with Easter upon us, it's a great checkpoint to see how our New Year's resolutions (see this blog) and career objectives are faring. Are you closer to where you envisioned yourself? Have unforeseen challenges redirected your path? Or perhaps you're right on track, steadily advancing towards your goals. Regardless of where you stand, now is a critical time to assess and adjust (where necessary).​Reflecting on progress This season, take a leaf from nature's book. Just as a gardener assesses their spring blooms, take time to reflect on your professional growth. Celebrate the successes, no matter how small, and analyse the setbacks with a constructive lens. This exercise isn't just about ticking off achievements; it's about understanding the journey and learning from each step. It's a known fact that regular reflection and acknowledgement of ‘small wins’ can significantly boost morale and productivity, as highlighted in a study by Harvard Business School.​Realigning with your vision As spring brings clarity and freshness, reassess your career vision. Does it still align with your personal and professional aspirations? Sometimes, as we navigate our career path, our destination might shift slightly. That’s perfectly normal. It’s essential to ensure that your goals are still relevant and meaningful to you. According to a survey by LinkedIn, over 80% of professionals feel more fulfilled when they believe their work aligns with their personal values and goals.​Setting SMART goals Speaking of goals, our New Year's advice about SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals is as relevant now as it was then. Use this springtime momentum to redefine or fine-tune your objectives. Ensure that they are clear and achievable, and set realistic timelines for accomplishing them. Research has consistently shown that SMART goals significantly increase the chances of success by providing clear direction and measurable milestones.​Embracing growth and learning The vibrancy of spring is a reminder to embrace growth and continuous learning. Look for (or continue to look for) opportunities to acquire new skills or deepen your expertise. This might mean attending workshops, enrolling in online courses, or simply dedicating time to read and research in your field. Remember, growth often happens outside of our comfort zones. This proactive approach not only enhances your current skill set but also uniquely positions you for advancement and progression opportunities. ​Staying adaptable and resilient Just as the weather in spring can be unpredictable, so can our career paths. Stay adaptable and open to change. This flexibility can not only help you navigate unexpected challenges but also open doors to new opportunities. Adaptability has been identified as a key skill for career advancement in a rapidly evolving job market, as reported by the World Economic Forum.​​Embrace the season of growth As we continue through 2024, let this spring be a time of renewed energy and focus in your career. Revisit your goals, align them with your core values, and take actionable steps toward achieving them. Embrace the longer days and the promise of new beginnings as catalysts for your professional growth. Let's make 2024 a year of significant achievements and personal fulfilment in our careers. Happy Easter and a joyous, productive spring to all!

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