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Get Fit for Work in 2023 with Thrive Group!

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago

Welcome to 2023, the year of endless possibilities! Are you ready to level up your career game, take on new challenges, and find something that suits your life and your skill set? You aren’t alone!

New research conducted by LinkedIn reveals that a significant number of UK workers (almost 20 million) are contemplating making a career change in the upcoming year. Of those surveyed, 50% revealed they are confident that they will be successful in securing a new job. Eager to uncover the key to this success?

At Thrive Group, we're incredibly passionate about helping you achieve your dreams and developing your professional goals and aspirations. Let's dive into some of our fantastic tips that will have you owning your next job in no time!

Tip #1 - Whip Your CV into Shape!

First things first, it's time to update your CV - or create a new one from scratch. Your CV is your personal marketing tool, so it's essential to make it stand out from the crowd; this is your time to shine! Make it clear and concise, highlight your accomplishments, showcase your unique talents and strengths, and - most importantly - tailor it to the job you want. Need some help? We've got a team of experts who can give you the inside scoop on how to create the perfect CV - get in touch here.

Tip #2 - Engage in Development Opportunities

We know the thought of stepping foot in another classroom is out of the question for many of you, so first of all, let us say: long gone are the days of sitting & being lectured to for hours on end. Today, learning is all about engaging and having fun! Take online courses, attend webinars, or listen to podcasts to upskill and enhance your knowledge. You can also read books, blogs, or listen to TED Talks to learn something new - at your own pace and in accordance to your own interests. Continuous learning and development (L&D) is a vital aspect of your growth and progression. 86% of businesses reported L&D as ‘critical’ just last year - and who knows, maybe it will help you find your next passion!

Tip #3 - Set Goals and Smash Them!

Imagine reaching the end of the year and achieving everything you set out to do. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Setting clear career goals is essential for achieving success. Start by defining and identifying what they are, breaking them down into smaller steps, creating a plan and timeline, and tracking your progress. For example, ‘complete this online course in six months’ - you can then research & select your desired course, dedicate a certain amount of time each week to studying, and monitor your performance! Ultimately, whether it's getting a promotion, starting a new job, or learning a new skill, having clear goals will help you stay focused and motivated on your journey.

Tip #4 - Own Your Interviews Like a Boss!

We get it - interviews can be nerve-wracking! But, they are also the perfect opportunity to show off your incredible skills and personality. Boost your confidence by practising interviews; you can usually Google sample questions for the job (or similar roles) you are applying for. Also, make sure to research the company and the role, prepare some questions to ask the interviewer, dress appropriately, and arrive on time.

Tip #5 - Expand Your Network

Besides the tips mentioned above, there are a few additional ways and means you can get work-fit this year! For example, attend networking events to meet new people & other like-minded professionals in your industry (or your desired industry) and get your name out there. Volunteer for a cause that you're passionate about, and gain new skills while making a positive impact. Create a personal brand online that showcases your unique skills, personality, achievements and/or portfolio. Finally, you can also work with our highly-reputable recruiters, who have access to exclusive job opportunities that will fit your skills and aspirations. View our latest job listings here.

Achieve Your Full Potential This Year

In conclusion, getting work-fit takes effort and dedication, but the rewards are unparalleled!

Whether it's updating your CV, upskilling, mastering the art of interviews, setting goals, networking, or exploring other relevant ideas, you can make 2023 your year to shine!

At Thrive Group, we're dedicated to helping you succeed & reach your full potential. Contact us to start your journey to greatness today. Remember, the future is bright, and it's yours for the taking!