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Why Early Christmas Recruitment is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

  • Publish Date: Posted 10 months ago

​The holiday season is a magical time of year, filled with joy, celebration, and the promise of a new beginning. For businesses, it's also a golden opportunity to end the year on a high note. With less than 100 days until Christmas, excitement is building, and the stage is set for a spectacular finale.

So why not seize the moment? Starting your Christmas recruitment early is like finding the perfect gift—it just keeps on giving. In this blog, we'll unwrap the many benefits of planning ahead, setting your business up for a truly joyful & prosperous festive season.

Early Recruiting: The Key to Holiday Success

The job market is a little bit like a bustling Christmas market; the best items tend to get picked up quickly!

According to recent data, job-seeker interest in holiday work is surging. As of September 30 (2022), holiday-related seasonal job searches on Indeed reached their highest level since 2019. Specifically, the share of seasonal job searches was up 33% from the same period in 2021 and 13% over 2020.

By starting your recruitment process early, you not only tap into this growing pool of eager applicants but also enjoy the luxury of choice. You can sift through applications, conduct multiple rounds of interviews, and ultimately select the best candidates who align with your company's values and objectives.

Time for Training

Hiring early gives you ample time to train your new recruits. Whether it's customer service, inventory management, or specialised skills unique to your business, training takes time.

The last thing you want is to throw your new hires into the deep end during the busiest time of the year without adequate preparation. An early start allows for a smoother onboarding process, ensuring that your team is well-equipped to handle the holiday rush.

Eliminate Stress and Ensure a Smooth Operation

We all know how stressful the holiday season can be, both personally and professionally.

According to survey data from Visier, December has been described as the most stressful month (overall) of 2022 by half of Brits, with more than a third (36%) feeling even more stressed about the festive season compared to last year. By sorting out your staffing needs well in advance, you not only alleviate your own stress but also contribute to a less stressful environment for your workforce.

This proactive approach allows you to focus on other crucial aspects of business operations, such as fine-tuning your marketing strategy, optimising the supply chain, or decorating your storefront. With a reliable team in place, you're free to concentrate on making this holiday season your best one yet.


Believe it or not, recruiting early can save you money. Last-minute hires often come with premium salary expectations or agency fees. By planning ahead, you can avoid these additional costs and allocate your budget more effectively.

Legal Considerations

The UK has specific employment laws concerning seasonal workers, such as holiday pay and working hours - you can read more about it here. Starting your recruitment process early gives you ample time to ensure you're in full compliance, avoiding any potential legal pitfalls.

Build Team Morale

There's nothing like the holiday spirit to bring a team together. When you hire early, new recruits have the opportunity to integrate into your existing team, participate in holiday planning, and contribute to a positive work environment. This sense of unity and shared purpose can be a powerful motivator, driving everyone to give their best performance during the festive period.

Deck the Halls with Top Talent

Don't let the holiday season catch you off guard. Start your Christmas recruitment early and set yourself up for a cracking festive period with Thrive! From having the pick of the best candidates to ensuring a well-trained and cohesive team, the benefits of early recruitment are clear. So why wait? Give yourself the gift of peace of mind this Christmas by starting your recruitment process today.

Consult with Thrive for your recruitment needs and take advantage of our professional recruitment services. Let's make this Christmas truly magical for you, your team, and your business!