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Goods Inbound Administrator

Job Description

**1. Education and Qualifications**
- **High School Diploma or Equivalent:** Most positions require at least a high school diploma. Some employers may prefer candidates with additional education in logistics, supply chain management, or a related field.
- **Additional Certifications:** Certifications in warehouse management, logistics, or supply chain management can be beneficial.
**2. Experience**
- **Relevant Experience:** Typically, 1-3 years of experience in a warehouse or logistics environment.
- **Inventory Management:** Experience with inventory control and management systems is often required.
- **Customer Service Experience:** Interaction with suppliers and internal departments requires strong customer service skills.
**3. Skills**
- **Attention to Detail:** Accurate recording and checking of goods received.
- **Organisational Skills:** Ability to manage and prioritise multiple tasks effectively.
- **Communication Skills:** Clear and effective communication with suppliers, colleagues, and other departments.
- **Technical Proficiency:** Familiarity with warehouse management software (WMS) and other relevant technology.
- **Physical Stamina:** Ability to lift and move heavy goods, often required in a warehouse environment.
**4. Knowledge**
- **Warehouse Operations:** Understanding of warehouse processes, from goods receipt to storage and inventory management.
- **Health and Safety Regulations:** Knowledge of safety procedures and regulations to ensure a safe working environment.
- **Supply Chain Management:** Basic understanding of supply chain principles and practices.
**5. Responsibilities**
- **Receiving Goods:** Checking and recording incoming goods, ensuring they match purchase orders and delivery notes.
- **Inspecting Goods:** Verifying the quality and quantity of received goods, and reporting any discrepancies or damages.
- **Inventory Management:** Updating inventory records in the warehouse management system, ensuring accurate stock levels.
- **Coordination:** Liaising with suppliers, logistics providers, and internal departments to coordinate the receipt of goods.
- **Documentation:** Maintaining accurate records and documentation related to inbound goods, including invoices, delivery notes, and inventory records.
- **Storage Management:** Ensuring received goods are stored correctly and efficiently, optimising warehouse space.
- **Compliance:** Adhering to all relevant health and safety regulations and company policies.
**6. Personal Attributes**
- **Dependability:** Reliable and consistent in performing duties and responsibilities.
- **Problem-Solving Skills:** Ability to identify and resolve issues related to inbound goods and inventory discrepancies.
- **Team Player:** Collaborative attitude, working well with others to achieve common goals.
- **Adaptability:** Flexibility to adapt to changing work conditions and priorities.
**7. Additional Requirements**
- **Forklift License:** Many positions require a forklift license or the willingness to obtain one.
- **Shift Work:** Availability to work flexible hours, including evenings, weekends, or shifts if required.
AM AND PM SHIFTS avaialble.
For more details please text ADMIN AM or ADMIN PM and your FULL NAME at 07717835771