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‘Back to School’ CV Boosts (at Little or No Cost)

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago

It’s that time of year again, when thousands of students are heading back into teaching environments, ready to expand their grey matter with structured academic lessons in school and university.

But what about the learning scope for job-seeking candidates?

Are there low-cost, time-efficient opportunities for you to also boost your CV and gain new knowledge?

Indeed there are.

You don’t have to be signing up to costly or overly time-intensive courses, and instead, can find ‘quick wins’ which might just give you a slight edge on your competing candidate rival.

Here’s a few to consider:

 Mental Health First Aid

There’s no denying that every workplace has the potential to be a hotbed of stress and strain. Mental health is something we all talk so much more about, but do you really know how to support a colleague who is battling such an issue?
Consider a short course to help you understand what we mean by mental health, and how to recognise signs in others:


No, this isn’t always cheap, and it isn’t always swift, but for many roles, being able to drive can be an asset.

Check out social media feeds in your region to find recommendations for a good instructor, or go to:

Computer Proficiency

While you may be highly skilled at most basic computer programmes – like Word – you may want to use the time in which you’re searching for roles, to boost your effectiveness on other specific programmes.

Browse online for accredited trainers in particular software solutions, and pick those which are best suited for the kind of work you’re considering.

Also, try the likes of Microsoft:

Time Management

Whatever role you go into, time management is always an asset.

There are a number of courses and tutorials you can explore online, which will help you in this area.

Try a resource like Udemy:


Not everyone is blessed with the best written and reading skills. Improving your level of written comprehension can be a great boost for enhancing work opportunities.

Speak to your local college about refresher courses, or look at the likes of


Sign language courses saw a surge in interest after actress and Strictly contestant Rose Ayling-Ellis put the spotlight on deaf awareness.

Learning a skill such as this might not only enhance your ability to understand colleagues who are hard of hearing, but it shows a level of compassion, of commitment to upskilling, and a desire to push yourself beyond your own comfort zone.

Take a look at:


Remember that a commitment to consistent learning and upskilling will always be favoured by employers, and it may well give you an unexpected boost to your confidence, both in the workplace and beyond.


If you’re looking for a new opportunity, then do not hesitate to get in touch with your local Thrive Branch. Our teams are always happy to help you find a role that’s right for you!