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‘Back to School’ CV Boosts (at Little or No Cost)

​It’s that time of year again, when thousands of students are heading back into teaching environments, ready to expand their grey matter with structured academic lessons in school and university.Bu...

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Get Christmas Wrapped Up Early….September Tis The Season for Festive Forecasting

May we be the first to wish you a very Merry Christmas.And no, we’ve not gone loopy from too much summertime sun and sangria.In fact, all the evidence points to this being the absolute perfect time...

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​Preparing your business and workforce for a recession

After the tense lockdown period in 2020, many businesses are still experiencing challenges which, now coupled with rising inflation and the threat of a recession, can be incredibly overwhelming. So...

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Student tips for summer work

Student tips for summer work This summer, why not get ahead of the crowd and land a summer job before the rush? If you'll be home from university this summer and want to gain some extra experien...

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How to beat burnout at work

​As of 2022, almost half (46%) of workers are close to burnout, according to research conducted by Westfield Health. This is a huge number and highlights the need for us all to be mindful of our wa...

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Summer Holiday Planning Essentials (2)
Planning your summer holiday cover

​Typically, most employees will want to take their annual leave over summer and Christmas and it could leave your business understaffed with little cover.  It’s a great idea to plan your holiday co...

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Creating a Covid Contingency Plan

​As we are all aware, the pandemic has tested many businesses ability to react and support their staff. Even today when we are living without any restrictions in the UK, most businesses are havi...

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