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Thrive in 5 - tips to staying happy and motivated in the workplace

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago

​Burnout in the workplace is on the rise, and with the proper support you can avoid leaving a role that has the potential for you to enjoy and excel in.

Protecting your wellbeing is critical, so how can you evolve your career without eroding your sense of peace? It’s a battle for many people. 

Being told to ‘step back’ or ‘put yourself first’ is easier said than done when you are responsible for a home and perhaps family. So, we have explored some practical advice to help you thrive in your role whilst protecting your physical and mental health.

1.     Find a role you love

You’ll never work a day if you like what you do BUT it’s not always easy to know exactly what that is, or which job would provide that for you.

When searching for a job, try to seek out opportunities to grow into your interests and that speak to your natural talents. The overall role may not be something you have considered before, but perhaps shifting into a Warehouse Supervisor role would support a natural affinity for order, or an Auditing and Operations administration role could provide you an opportunity to explore a career closer to senior business management.

2.     Take sensible steps to care for yourself

Many people are exhausted and stressed before they have even arrived at work – this can make the day ahead feel overwhelming.

Before you arrive, try to plan the flow of your day (as much as you can) and build in regular breaks. Use this time as best you can to eat a healthy lunch and switch off from your tasks. If you can re-charge in that time, the rest of your day will be much easier to manage.

If you are working at a desk, take every necessary step to ensure you are comfortable. A poorly set up seating and desk arrangement can place unnecessary stress on the body. Ask your employer to run a health and safety desk assessment to make sure you are comfortable; this will not only improve your sense of well-being but also likely add to your productivity and focus. These checks can still be carried out if you are working from home.


3.     Speak up and earn more

If you are struggling at work, speak to your manager and request regular face to face catch ups so you can raise any concerns and invite your employer to offer opportunities for growth. This could be as simple as a side step into a different role as a trial.

During this time, give your employer a clear understanding of how you feel you are performing and any challenges you have found. Don’t forget to be your own champion!

If you are looking to increase your salary, try to work with your manager towards an agreed path of progress with clear goals and outcomes for you both. List any additional training you need or would like in order to expand your experience and chances for promotion.

If you are on site and in a busy warehouse environment, ask to step away from the hussle. This will make your chat more formal.

4.     Get organised

If you are struggling with workload, it may be time to simplify your day and add structure where you can. There are many excellent resources online for you to download to your phone or have handy on your desktop in order to help you map out priorities.

This will allow you to understand which areas are adding pressure or absorbing more time than necessary (which is something you can then bring to your employers in a structured way as explained in point 3).

If you are lacking motivation, take a step back to assess and consider which parts of your role you love, and which you don’t. Is there room in your day to spend more time on the parts of your role you enjoy, or training that would boost your confidence or experience? No matter what your role, in order to thrive you should always make space for self-improvement and job satisfaction!

5.     Take advantage of help offered

Your manager should keep you up to date on any of your standard employee benefits including flexi-time, childcare plans, ride to work schemes, pension, free eye tests, standard annual leave and sick pay. Some may even offer more to support your health and security at work. Speak to your manager or review your employee contract carefully for details.

As a Thrive team member, you will have exclusive access to the Employee Benefits app.In this, you will find a huge range of wellbeing and financial benefits that will help support your work-life balance and ability to grow into a role you love. This includes GP access, counselling support, discounts and fitness plans. You can learn more about this at

We hope this has helped, keep us up to date on your positive experiences at work by joining us on our social pages! Your story could help others find the motivation they need to thrive in the workplace.


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